Tech Support

Share TV screen/window- Augsburg

Lowering the white screen
1. The switch is on the north wall
2. Select the switch to lower the screen
Connecting to wireless Airtame 2 device
3.Turn on projector with the white remote ON button
4. Open the Airtame app on your laptop

5. Select Share Window or Share Screen
Connecting your Own Computer/Device to Projector if your computer has an HDMI Connector
6. Use HDMI cable (in the left drawer in the cabinet), plug one end into your laptop and plug the other end into the outlet located just below the switch for the white screen.

7. Turn on projector with white remote ON button.
8. IF, you do not see your laptop screen displayed on the white screen, press the “HDMI2” button on the remote.
Connecting external speaker/microphone
9. Locate speaker and speaker cable in left cabinet drawer.

10. Plug cable into speaker.
11. Plug USB end of the cable into laptop.
12. You will have to make sure the software on your laptop uses the Chat 150.
Connecting external webcam
13. Locate webcam in the left cabinet drawer.

14. Plug webcam USB into laptop.
15. You will have to make sure the software on your laptop uses the HD Pro Webcam C920.
16. There is a gray USB extension cable in the left cabinet drawer if needed.
When done, please turn off the projector, rewind and store cable, speaker, webcam, and retract the screen.