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Welcome to WELS Cloud -- the private WELS Intranet site used by synod employees, called workers and associated committee, commission, and board members. From this information page you can find links to WELS Cloud Sites, and if you are a called worker, a link to cloud.wels.net/me where you can update your synod profile, find forms and view reports. Please bookmark this page as it will guide you through the login process for accessing synod resources.

As WELS Cloud is a secure site, usernames and passwords are required. Certain individuals are allowed access automatically. See sidebar for different designations and access privileges.

WELS Cloud Sites Index

All WELS Cloud sites can be accessed using a URL pattern like cloud.wels.net/ministryname. Refer to the Shortcut List for all available links, or select from the list below. Note: Requires a WELS Cloud login.

My WELS Cloud

My WELS Cloud is where called workers and other synod employees may access their synod profile, fill out forms and view reports. Note: Requires a WELS Cloud login.

Instructional Videos

We've created some instructional screencasts that will help you through different account management activities. If you run into any problems accessing WELS Cloud, this is a good place to look for help.

Other Content

In general, publicly available content is on WELS.net and in its associated WELS Resource Center. If you can't find what you are looking for, please use the Contact Us form. If you need other technical assistance please email support@wels.net.

Called Workers & Board/Committee Members

  • Usernames should all be in the format username@wels.net.
  • If you don't have a WELS Cloud login, or don't know it, email support@wels.net.
  • The @wels.net added to your username doesn't necessarily mean you have a wels.net email address, but identifies you as belonging to our account.
  • If you need to change or reset your password, visit account.wels.net.


If you need access to the WELS Cloud but are not a called worker or committee member, request an account at account.wels.net. You will need a "request code" from the site administrator.

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